Alyaa's Sister Wedinnng

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For your information this weding was held near the KLCC and this wedding was the best of all weding taht i go because i go with my boyfriend and my friend eqa's boyfriend *Adam come to , their was so sweet *actually they are like a stranger because they are NEW COUPLE AT FIRST. That is just like my wedding hehehehe
Cant wait to get married * padahal baru form 1* IGNORE* -.- bhahahaha Okay cut to the point we t5ake a lot of picture but i want to you alls *suara Geedik*  take a look at my picture with my boyfriend one more thing bukan nak showoff my bf pon * kalau korang minat ambik yang single okay not available -.- *
This is Sufia and that leg was her foot
This Puteri *BB users and playing with her BB*
This is what we call 'FRUST MENONGENG'
That is Eqa and the free hair is zarith
Okay let begin left Zarith , Center Eqa and Right ME or Sarah
(Seriously my face rune this beautiful picture
Now you know who the centere who the left and who is right xD
Zarith still pretty when she close her eyes 
I tell all my story to Alyaa and Eqa
Didi hehehee 
Me with my BF hehehehe

End this Picture

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